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February 2020
February 2020
February 2020
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Program Night - Infrared by Silvana Della Camera (7:30 PM EST)
Art of Photography SIG (6:30 PM EST)
Education Night - "Family Photography" presented by Ed and Linda Pedi (7:30 PM EST)
Gateway Photo Shoot Date (10:00 AM EST)
This year the program committee is putting together a full day of table top shooting. We are reserving Saturday, February 8th from 10AM to 4PM for Table Top Photo Day. Since we will be renting the church hall for the day we are asking participants to contribute $15 which will entitle you to shoot as little or as much as you want from 10AM to 4PM. We are currently asking for suggestions and volunteers to provide at least 12 table top displays for the day. We are looking for a wide variety of displays to capture our members interest. The $15 fee will be waived for anyone contributing a display.  If you are interested in providing a display please email me with your ideas by January 10th. The program committee will consider all suggestions and select the displays to be included based on variety and originality. Our current thinking is that we will ask for snack donations and order in pizza by the slice ($) around noon time. Mark your calendars now for a fun way to break the winter doldrums on Saturday, February 8th from 10AM to 4PM
Competition Night - Judge Mike DeStefano (7:30 PM EST)
Creative (7:30 PM EST)
Status: Judged
Nature (7:30 PM EST)
Status: Judged
Pictorial (7:30 PM EST)
Status: Judged
Program Night - Inspired Visualization by Kirk Williamson (7:30 PM EST)
No Meeting

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