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January 2020
January 2020
January 2020
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No Meeting
Art of the Photograpy SIG (6:30 PM EST)
Color or Black and White  Verses Black and White or Color
Education Night - Focus Stacking by Ed McGuirk (7:30 PM EST)
Lighting SIG (1:00 PM EST)
Model Shoot (Teenagers)
Competition Night - Judge Rick Cloran (7:30 PM EST)
Creative (7:30 PM EST)
Status: Judged
Nature (7:30 PM EST)
Status: Judged
Pictorial (7:30 PM EST)
Status: Judged
Image Study (7:30 PM EST)
Roger Williams Park Zoo Field Trip (10:00 AM EST)
We're going to Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, RI.  on Sat. Jan. 25, 2020.   The zoo is a wonderful place to get photographs of many species that you likely would never get an opportunity to see in your lifetime.  And we learn about these animals.  There are descriptive plaques and you can talk to a zookeeper.   Now, I know what you're thinking.  "It's winter.  How many animals can we expect to see?"  That was my first thought.  To be honest, I don't know. Many animals come out if the weather isn't frigid. (And we Gateway animals won't be out coming if it's frigid, either).  But I do know that because the  zoo is open, thus they feel that there's enough species available to justify being open to the public.   And you know what?  We don't get to see some species even when we go in the summer.  Some are off site for some reason.  Some are sleeping out of view.  And in summer, some are sleeping because it's hot. Sharon went down to the zoo just today and reports that there are a bunch of species available and says the trip is well worthwhile.  There are also some indoor exhibit areas.   We have great times on our field trips, so don't hesitate to sign up to enjoy our first trip of 2020! This is going to be fun. Sign up on our website.  Next week, to the signed up group, we'll talk the exact day plan, weather, what to bring, carpooling, lunch, etc. Offered by Buz Bragdon and Sharon Colacino
Program Night - Infrared by Silvana Della Camera (7:30 PM EST)

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