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October 2020
October 2020
October 2020
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No Meeting - 5th Tuesday
Education Night - Bird Photography by Roman Kurywczak (7:30 PM EDT)
Field Trip - Autumn Foliage Boston (8:00 AM EDT)
It’s time for New England autumn foliage!   The color is world class.   We won’t be irritated sitting in heavy highway traffic heading to VT, NH or Western MA when we take the short drive (or the T) to our very own Boston Public Garden for fall foliage viewing and photography.   We will stroll the Public Garden to our hearts content viewing the over 80 different species of colorful exotic trees and beautiful plants.  There is a whole afternoon’s worth of photographing in the Public Garden, but for those who want to venture out a little, stroll down the tree lined Commonwealth Ave. Mall.  We also can walk over to the Esplanade with its tree lined path along the Charles.   This whole area is beautiful and we can compose with a mixture of cityscapes, architectural details and people or simply include only the natural world.  There are always opportunities to record the energy of the city or find a quiet corner.  It will be a delightful day.   A detailed day plan will be sent out to the signed up group.  The time of day will be determined by the weather forecast.  Six members minimum.  Please, GCC members only.
Competition Night - Judge Dorene Sykes (7:30 PM EDT)
Creative (7:30 PM EDT)
Status: Judged
Long Exposure (7:30 PM EDT)
Status: Judged Competition Type: Themes
Nature (7:30 PM EDT)
Status: Judged
Pictorial (7:30 PM EDT)
Status: Judged
Image Study - Wood Theme (7:30 PM EDT)
Theme: Wood
Program Night - Visual Conversations: Panel Discussion (7:30 PM EDT)

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