Hospitality Action Team

This team is responsible for getting volunteers to bring refreshments to the meetings and planning for the holiday and annual banquets.  Lois Galluzzo and Harrison Ball are the chair people.  Please see Lois or Harrison if you would like to volunteer to help on the team or to bring refreshments to a meeting.

Several members have have asked what they should bring. First, the quantities of food needed depends on the meeting program type (Digital competition, Speaker night, Image Study etc.).  In the past, competition nights have drawn the largest  crowd and therefore a larger quantity of food and drinks are needed. 

For the first meeting of the year, we might need about 5 big bottles of soda -- a combination of Diet Coke or Pepsi, Regular Coke or Pepsi and a Sprite type of beverage.  Also Orange soda seems to be popular. We ask that you include a gallon or two of water along with a bag of ice. For other meetings, especially late in the year, it's best to check with someone on the team to check what's needed.

If you want to bring sweets, cookies or brownies, please bring about 2 dozen.  Chips, including regular or seasoned potato chips, corn chips, and pretzels go over well, as does salsa and guacamole. Cheese, crackers, fruit, and veggies are also popular.   
The club will provide cups, plates and napkins.
These are just guidelines feel free to bring whatever you choose.
We will send a reminder the week before you host.
If you have questions please email Lois Galluzzo or Harrison Ball




Date Event Food & Drinks
9/3/19 Education
9/10/19 Competition
9/17/19 Image Study

9/24/19 Program
10/1/19 Education
10/8/19 Competition
10/15/19 Image Study
10/22/19 Program
10/29/19 No Meeting
11/5/19 Education
11/12/19 Competition
11/19/19 Image Study
11/26/19 Program
12/3/19 Education
12/10/19 Holiday Banquet HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE
12/17/19 No Meeting
12/24/19 No Meeting
12/31/19 No Meeting
1/7/20 Education
1/14/20 Competition
1/21/20 Image Study
1/28/20 Program
2/4/20 Education
2/11/20 Competition
2/18/20 Image Study
2/25/20 Program
3/3/20 Education
3/10/20 Competition
3/17/20 Image Study
3/24/20 Program
3/31/20 No Meeting
4/7/20 Education
4/14/20 Competition
4/21/20 Image Study
4/28/20 Program
5/5/20 Education
5/12/20 Competition
5/19/20 Image of the Year
5/26/20 Program
6/2/20 Education
End of Year Banquet

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