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“Looking in the frame


The Next 3 months THEME SURROUNDS: 

We will be meeting at the Framingham Public Library Media room down stairs in the Children’s Section on.


“Looking at the Frame” Your way.


Last month we looked at a frame within a frame and saw different ways that one can see the frames within a frame.

This month of December, we look at what you can see by using the frame in different ways. We will be discussing the use of composition, shapes, angles, people, objects, and colors to make our Photographic frame more dynamic and interesting. How we use the frame to our benefit. We will be still asking about the definition. 

·       What is a FRAME, how do we use it? 

·       Is the word FRAME used as a hard solid object or simply an idea? 

·       What does a FRAME consist of? 

·       Does it or must it have, 4 sides, or does it need any sides at all? 

·       What defines a FRAME? 

This is what we will try to talk about and see how we construct it. Please come and give your thought and opinions about what a frame means to you.

Photography is always about choices, conscious or not. The more photography you do, the more deliberate your choices will become. Being aware of this gives you more control over your creative process. The creative decisions you can make based on those choices is what makes photography art.

As always, this is a loose interoperation of the theme “Looking in the Frame”. This should be an interesting SIG and we will see a wide set of your photographs.

Please bring 5 or less images 1400 x 1050 pixels Your name -1.jpg for discussion.

Example: alank-1.jpg…. alank-5.jpg

We leave questions about technical things at the door and talk about the images presented. 

As always any questions, please call or email me.

Alan Kidawski









Lighting SIG

Saturday December 7th

The library has confirmed our date for the Lighting SIG Model Shoot, so we are on from 1:30-430 on Saturday December 7th !  We have two female models (one is the lovely Shweda who modeled for us in September) and one male model.  I believe the other female model and the male model are a couple and will likely be willing to model together.  I think one of the ladies will be modeling a traditional Indian sari as well.  Remember this is a model shoot, not a teach.  There will be three lighting set ups and we will have triggers for everyone to use. This is an opportunity to practice what we've been learning as well as practicing directing the models.   

As these models are being paid we are asking everyone to confirm in advance they are attending and to prepay $20 each so we can pay the models for their time.  You can catch me at a meeting and give me a check or you can mail me a check.  Please do so by the day after Thanksgiving so we can ensure we have enough folks to cover the model fees.  If you want to drop a check in the mail you can send it to me at 1 New Castle Road Ashland MA 01721.

Let me know if you have questions.  Last year's model shoot was a lot of fun and you are welcome to come give this a try even if you haven't been attending the SIGs regularly.  

Ann Fogart

Please RSVP to


Printed Copy - click>>>   Gateway CC - Lighting SIG 2019-2020.pdf


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