Art of the Image SIG


Framingham Public Library 6:30 to 8:45pm  Room is located in the lower level in the Children’s department. We leave the technology discussion at the door.

The assignment is

Show us the mystery of photography 

This assignment is to show us your mystery that makes you take photographs and or make a mysterious photograph. This is an assignment of why you find some mystery in taking photographs. It can be about the mystical, the comedy, the practical, the interacting, the love, the scientific, the unknown, the documentary aspect of a photograph. This is an open assignment about the mystery you bring to the table. Please make photographs and use the tools we have been talking about for the last 4 years in our SIG’s.  

This will be the last SIG of the year I will be traveling. Please come even if you have not been before

We leave technology at the door and talk about the image we have made.      

The library requests no food in the room.

Any questions please call or email me.

Alan Kidawski

Phone 508-877-0542




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