This page will list planned Gateway field trips. Buz Bragdon is the club's Field Trip Coordinator, contact him with questions and suggestions.


Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation

Saturday Feb. 16, 2019

The Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation on the banks of the Charles River in Waltham depicts many facets of our cultural history with hands on exhibits of real artifacts of transportation and manufacturing and explores the historical impact of industry on American culture. And it examines the dynamic processes of invention and innovation by celebrating their location in Waltham as a foundation of the American Industrial Revolution.  Although the first sights of the antique automobiles, horse drawn fire apparatus, linotype,  machine tools and manufacturing equipment draw your attention,  you later settle down to see details such as the myriad gauges, dials, instruments, piping, valves, controls, gears, wheels, drive mechanisms and, well, all sorts of hardware….all old and authentic. Upstairs, an impressive display of time keeping pieces of all sorts awaits our perusal.   Some years, there’s been a traveling exhibit in an adjacent space. 

Although the modest museum is packed with large and small pieces, it’s not overwhelming after you’ve gotten a feel for the place.  There’s room for everyone to spread throughout with or without tripods.  And the museum is quiet with very few visitors especially in the morning. 

This year, we will be there during the annual model engineering show with its live operating engines and other machines.   We get to talk to the creators who built them. 

In the afternoon after we have spent all the time we want at the museum, I have a couple of optional other nearby destinations for us to check out.  I have to warn you though, that with the fascination of the museum, we have never visited the other spots in past years.   Oh, and lunch is right across the street.

Visit the museum’s website.

Sign up by writing to me. Eight members minimum.  Please, only GCC members for this destination.  Details such as meeting time and place will be sent to the signed up group in the week before the trip.

Buz Bragdon, Field Trip Coordinator 

Sign up by emailing me at:

Offered by Buz Bragdon, Field Trip Coordinator 




Images  by Buz Bragdon


Sports and Action Photography Field Trip

Saturday Feb. 23, 2019


Along with Kevin Murray, I have arranged for an opportunity to practice our sports and action photography.  We will be attending the Boston University women’s basketball game against Navy. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball fan or not, the action is close, fast and exciting. You’ll feel the energy of the players.  We will be photographing right on the court in rotating positions. 

Before the game, Kevin will go over camera settings and strategies for basketball photography.  However, you will need to know how to actually change settings on your camera.

The game begins at 2PM.  Exact meeting time and place will be sent out the signed up group.

For a quality experience, we can only sign up four club members.  Sign up by writing to me saying that you’re committing to going to the game. 


Sign up by emailing me at:

Offered by Buz Bragdon, Field Trip Coordinator


Images  by Kevin Murray


Adventure Photography Special Interest Group


E-mail me if you are interested in joining the SIG for future paddling, hiking and snowshoeing trips. Click HERE to email me. 

Sharon Colacino



Route 16 “Strip Trip”



Stretching from the Sherborn town line to the Wellesley town line, route 16 (Eliot St.) in South Natick links several diverse and lovely spots to relax, get some fresh air and photograph including; wildlife sanctuary…riverfront ……dam …stone arch bridge …park…wooded walking trails…open fields…organic farm with’s all there.

One can spend an hour or a day. I won’t even mention the eclectic coffee shop right on the route because it will just distract us. Go at different times of the year and different times of day. During or after a snowfall would be an extra special time. (Safety always being considered before starting out.)  A clear, bright blue sky day is also inviting.

This trip is an ongoing, self guided, local destination.  Go by yourself or write to the membership to announce that you're going and invite others.  After a visit to one or more stops on "the strip",  please send out a short note describing anything interesting that you saw.  Report any changes, closings, construction, special events, etc.  

We have started a rotating photo gallery - Route 16 Strip Trip Images.  Go to My Account - My Galleries and add your images.

I am often available to lead a group. You can write to me with questions about the area.  

Buz Bragdon, Field Trip Coordinator -  Click Here to Email Buz


Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge Group




Great Meadows NWR Concord - 179 Monsen Road, Concord, MA which is off of Route 62 - will be the primary area to explore.  As you get familiar with the area, you may want to venture to other nearby attractions such as the Revolutionary sites including the Old Manse,  the North Bridge, etc. And probably other nice spots will be discovered when you spend time in the area.

One thing is for sure, you may want to head to Main Streets Café in downtown Concord after the photography outing. Anyone who has been there will know why.  Another after trip area worth visiting is Verrill Farm  at Nine Acre Corner (Rt 117 & Sudbury/Concord Rd) which at times is also an interesting photographic site as well as a great farm stand and good place to eat.








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