This page will list planned Gateway field trips. Buz Bragdon is the club's Field Trip Coordinator, contact him with questions and suggestions.

Night Photography at Medfield State Hospital

Sat., Jun. 29, 2019


People in general and photographers in particular are fascinated with abandoned properties, particularly if they are in disrepair, which they usually are.  We have Medfield State Hospital right in our back yard and is fascinating in its “abandonedness”, yet easy to get to and a safe location.  There aren’t many abandoned properties around our area anymore and we had best take advantage of this one before it gets repurposed.  I’ve received special permission to be on the property for this night.  We won’t be trespassing.

We will photograph sunset over the Charles River and then explore the grounds of Medfield State Hospital looking for interesting compositions before it gets dark.  During “blue hour” we’ll experiment with long exposures using ND filters.  We might try some ghosting..  We’ll look for compositions that include the sky (if clear). 

After dark, incorporating architectural details and landscaping features into the background, we’ll work in groups of two or more to light paint which offers endless possibilities for imaginative photographs. Those who have some nighttime photography experience will help those who have not. 

We will not have access inside any of the buildings.   GCC members only, please.  Bringing a model can be discussed. 

Details such as meeting time and place, rules and regulations of MSH, what to bring and other info will be sent out to the signed up group.

Min. 5 members.  No maximum.

Sign up HERE.  Please sign up by Jun. 22 so that we can have an e-mail discussion and question and answer forum.


Offered by Buz Bragdon, Field Trip Coordinator

Field Trip - Whale Watching - July 27, 2019



We will be going Whale Watching out of Gloucester, MA on Saturday morning, July 27th.  We will meet in Goucester at 8:00 AM to catch the 8:30 boat for some great whale watching and photography off Cape Ann. There is ample free parking at the dock.  We will return to dock around 1PM in time to have an optional lunch at one of the waterfront restaurants in downtown Gloucester. After lunch there will be ample time to continue exploring the photographic opportunities in and around Gloucester and Cape Ann if you wish.


Booking Arrangements:

  • We will be sailing with CAPE ANN WHALE WATCH - 415 MAIN ST., GLOUCESTER, MA - 800-877-5110

  • Individuals book your own boat reservation with Cape Ann Whale Watch
    • Weekend boats fill up fast so be sure to register early i.e. within the  next 2 – 3 weeks. (you can cancel with 24 hr notice – no penalty)

  • Groupon coupons are usually available:
             (Currently offering 40% off, i.e. $48 ticket for $29.)

  • Once you book with Cape Ann Whale Watch, email Frank Schimmoller at  so we know who is coming and can provide follow-up emails etc.

I will provide detail information to those who register prior to the trip.

I will provide participants with a trip roster so you can arrange car pooling if you wish.






Route 16 “Strip Trip”



Stretching from the Sherborn town line to the Wellesley town line, route 16 (Eliot St.) in South Natick links several diverse and lovely spots to relax, get some fresh air and photograph including; wildlife sanctuary…riverfront ……dam …stone arch bridge …park…wooded walking trails…open fields…organic farm with’s all there.

One can spend an hour or a day. I won’t even mention the eclectic coffee shop right on the route because it will just distract us. Go at different times of the year and different times of day. During or after a snowfall would be an extra special time. (Safety always being considered before starting out.)  A clear, bright blue sky day is also inviting.

This trip is an ongoing, self guided, local destination.  Go by yourself or write to the membership to announce that you're going and invite others.  After a visit to one or more stops on "the strip",  please send out a short note describing anything interesting that you saw.  Report any changes, closings, construction, special events, etc.  

We have started a rotating photo gallery - Route 16 Strip Trip Images.  Go to My Account - My Galleries and add your images.

I am often available to lead a group. You can write to me with questions about the area.  

Buz Bragdon, Field Trip Coordinator -  Click Here to Email Buz


Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge Group




Great Meadows NWR Concord - 179 Monsen Road, Concord, MA which is off of Route 62 - will be the primary area to explore.  As you get familiar with the area, you may want to venture to other nearby attractions such as the Revolutionary sites including the Old Manse,  the North Bridge, etc. And probably other nice spots will be discovered when you spend time in the area.

One thing is for sure, you may want to head to Main Streets Café in downtown Concord after the photography outing. Anyone who has been there will know why.  Another after trip area worth visiting is Verrill Farm  at Nine Acre Corner (Rt 117 & Sudbury/Concord Rd) which at times is also an interesting photographic site as well as a great farm stand and good place to eat.








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