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Our goals are to share ideas, knowledge, and insight; to help improve the skills and abilities of our members; and to have some fun while enjoying photography.

We recognize photography is changing, growing and with ever-emerging technologies, more exciting than ever!  Gateway was one of the first local camera clubs to embrace digital photography and, as a result, we have some very knowledgeable digital photographers. Many award-winning members of Gateway Camera Club honed their talents and abilities through the mentoring they found at Gateway.

Our club is very active and we meet on most Tuesdays from September to June 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Want to compete, learn and share? Check out our exciting schedule. Visitors and new members are always welcome. Just stop in and introduce yourself. We hope you'll soon find an aspect of Gateway that fits your interests. Please browse our website, learn more about what we do, and enjoy. And remember, enthusiasm is catchy. Come and catch some!   Our Membership Information Page provides details on our club along with a link to our membership application. 

The Slideshow to the right features the winning images from our November 2019 Competition

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No Meeting - December 17th

No Meeting - December 24th

No Meeting - December 31st

January Competition Deadline - January 5th at 11:59 PM Sharp

Education Night  Tuesday January 7th at 7:30 pm - "Using Focus Stacking to Extend Depth of Field" - presented by Ed McGuirk

Focus Stacking is technique used to increase Depth of Field, creating enhanced sharpness throughout the entire image. It uses a combination of in the field shooting steps, and post-processing software, to create images with a level of sharpness that is impossible to achieve with traditional photographic techniques. Focus Stacking involves taking multiple shots that are bracketed for different focus points, and later combining them in software to achieve more Depth of Field than is possible in a single shot. Focus Stacking is particularly useful in landscape and macro photography, and this presentation will cover Focus Stacking examples in both genres.

Topics to be covered include:

  • What is Depth of Field, and what limits does it impose on traditional photography
  • What are the benefits of Focus Stacking, and why and when should you use it
  • Field techniques needed to capture focus stacked images
  • Overview of post processing software used to focus stack images
  • Demonstration of how to Focus Stack in Adobe Photoshop, and in Helicon Focus
  • Why I prefer to use Helicon Focus instead of Photoshop
  • Start to finish examples of Focus Stacking in both Landscape and Macro images.

Bring your images into sharper focus by learning how to Focus Stack for increased Depth of Field.


Presented by Ed McGuirk, a Wellesley based nature and landscape photographer. His work has earned numerous honors, including the Videtta Award at the Lynn International Salon, the NECCC Nature Image of the Year, and a Highly Commended in the USA Landscape Photographer of the Year contest. To see more of Ed’s work visit his website at <http://www.edmcguirkphoto.com>


Competition Night - January 14th - Judge Rick Cloran


Image Study - January 21st - Commentator TBA


Program Night - January 28th - "The Infrared Zone" presented by Silvana Della Camera

Do you think you’re photographing in the right dimension? Well consider this if you dare…

Infrared photography is a journey into a wonderous land of photography where what you see is transformed into another dimension with your camera.  Infrared, or IR photography, offers photographers the opportunity to explore the world of the unseen. Infrared photography creates unique images capable of portraying things not normally visible to the human eye.

Learn how infrared photography can give another dimension to your vision of the world.




A software engineer by trade, Silvana began her fascination with photography as a small child, taking her father’s camera as often as she could, to peer through the viewfinder at the rectangular world she chose to isolate for view. When she was 14, her father gave her a second hand fully manual SLR which unlocked the realm of controlling the light of an instant in time. The early fascination turned into a lifelong love. Infrared film photography was often part of this journey of controlling light and extending the view beyond what our eyes could perceive. Sylvana's website: https://www.silvanaphoto.com/infrared


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