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Our goals are to share ideas, knowledge, and insight; to help improve the skills and abilities of our members; and to have some fun while enjoying photography.

We recognize photography is changing, growing and with ever-emerging technologies, more exciting than ever!  Gateway was one of the first local camera clubs to embrace digital photography and, as a result, we have some very knowledgeable digital photographers. Many award-winning members of Gateway Camera Club honed their talents and abilities through the mentoring they found at Gateway.

Our club is very active and we meet on most Tuesdays from September to June 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Want to compete, learn and share? Check out our exciting schedule. Visitors and new members are always welcome. Just stop in and introduce yourself. We hope you'll soon find an aspect of Gateway that fits your interests. Please browse our website, learn more about what we do, and enjoy. And remember, enthusiasm is catchy. Come and catch some!   Our Membership Information Page provides details on our club along with a link to our membership application. 

The Slideshow to the right features the winning images from our May Competition



Upcoming Events - All Meetings on Zoom until further notice




Image of the Year Competition Night -  May 18th - Judges Jim DeLuco, Don Toothaker and Dorene Sykes


Program Night -  May 25th - "I'M Alive" presented by Ivan Rothman

This is a presentation of wildlife from all across the world, set to an inspirational and uplifting musical theme.  It includes travels throughout North America including Alaska, Central and South America, the Galapagos Islands and the Falkland Islands, Antarctica, Brazil’s Pantanal, Iceland, Japan, China and 7 countries in Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and South Africa).

It is a celebration of wildlife from all across the world set to an uplifting musical theme. It now includes new photos from Antarctica, Brazil’s Pantanal, more African pictures and a lot more.  Ivan recently returned from 3 weeks in Southern Africa where he specialized in “hide” photography.  He spent his time in small rooms built into the ground at the edge of watering holes - his cameras were just inches above water level and the animals  were very very close.  It was an absolutely unique experience resulting in photos unlike any he has been able to do on his many previous African trips.  Imagine photographing elephants 10 feet away from the ground with a wide angle lens - main problem was getting splashed by the elephants in the water.

Bio: Ivan is a retired physician from Long Island, NY with a 40+ year photography experience and a love for wildlife photography.  For the last 20 years he has travelled the world in search of nature and wildlife.




Education Night -  June 1st -"Forests - The Art of Photographing Trees and Woods" presented by Mark Bowie

In celebration of the majesty of trees and woodlands, this project examines in-depth the fine art of seeing and photographing these magnificent life forms.  It is commonly thought that to photograph forests well, one has to make order out of the chaos.  That's true, but there’s so much more to artfully portraying trees.  I’ll delve deeply into seeing creative possibilities, composing for visual separation and to accentuate lines, forms, patterns and textures.  I'll offer strategies for photographing deep inside forests, along their edges and from on high, and illustrate the artistic opportunities presented by different weather and lighting conditions, most notably, fog.  Good tree and forest imagery is also elevated through artistic processing.  I'll cover effective contrast and color adjustments, image softening techniques, abstract expressionism and amazing black and white conversion — all with the goal of creating moody, atmospheric woodland images that convey the beauty, grace and power of trees.

BiographyMark Bowie is a professional nature photographer, writer and much sought-after public speaker.  His work has been published internationally in books and magazines, on calendars, posters, and greeting cards, and in advertising media.  He has authored three coffee table books on his native Adirondacks, two e-books on night photography and one on his photographic journey, Finding November.  He has also produced an instructional video, Multiple Exposures for Maximum Landscapes, demonstrating how to shoot and blend images as panoramas, HDR's, layer masks, focus stacks, and more.  Mark is a staff instructor for the Adirondack Photography Institute and leads digital and landscape photography workshops.  For more on his work visit his website, <www.markbowie.com>




Awards Banquet - June 8th Night - "Perimeter" presented by Quintin Lake




Groups and SIG Meetings and Field Trips

Field Trip - Boston Public Gardens - Saturday May 15th - 9am to 4pm

Landscapes, cityscapes, combinations of landscape and cityscape, nature, flowers, street, people, performers, close up and macro…these are some of the kinds of photography available to us in America’s first botanical garden. 

Why are we going now?  It’s spring and time to saunter outdoors.  The paths of the Boston Public Garden are a perfect venue for admiring awakening spring and strolling past flowering trees. But especially, it’s the tulip bloom!  We will be surrounded by beauty and color. 

We’ll meet in the morning and stay as long as we want.  Details will be sent to the signed up group.

All current Covid health protocols will be adhered to.  

Sign up >  REGISTER

Offered by Buz Bragdon, Field Trip Coordinator




Portrait/Lighting Special Interest Group (SIG)- Saturday May 22th - 3pm to 6pm

Coming off of a successful motorcycle photography SIG event in April, The portrait lighting SIG is continuing outdoor photography (with social distancing) in May with Youth Sports! Want to learn to take pictures of your kids/grandkids playing ball?  We are going to teach concepts…..position, height, angles, anticipation of the plays, lighting, being aware of what’s in your background!

Note:  This event will Not have any flash lighting.  Natural light.  This will be mostly about MOVING ACTION PICTURES (Not close up portraits).  This will give you a chance to practice when to shoot to catch balls in the air, jumps in the air, bats hitting the ball...etc.

At  3pm we have a young man coming who we'll have batting and catching
At 4pm we'll have a pair of brothers coming and will practice some soccer and football tossing
At 5pm we have twin 9 year old girls coming who will practice their cheerleading for us

 *** This event will ONLY be held if not raining.

Where:  Bennet-Hemmenway Elementary School (22 E. Evergreen Road Natick Ma)

What to bring for Equipment:


Long Lens (f2.8, f4.0 are welcome)….. you will not be near the players!  We will be setting up action for our photographers to photograph.  Note:  You May NOT show images to the youth players for both social distance and also to not overwhelm the kids.  Each kid group will only be there for an hour and we will have one person directing to keep the kids from getting confused.  You'll be shooting just like you would at a game event...

Lawn Chair …. We will be teaching how to photograph at the youth players height…hence, you will want to practice sitting and photographing.

Headcounts of participants is always helpful for planning these model shoots and due to COVID we would like to have the complete list of who might attend so that

Please contact Ann Fogarty to sign up - it will be appreciated.




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We are looking forward to seeing your pictures under our hashtags on Instagram. Please contact anyone on the Social Media Committee (Fred Floru, Beth DeBor, Susan McIntyre or Terry Anderson) if you have any questions.

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